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Common problems of centrifugal compressor bearings?


The main body of the compressor is composed of a stator and a rotor. The stator is mainly used as the outer shell of the cylinder. There are splitters, diffusers, turbine chambers and bearings at both ends. The main shaft rotor bearing on the bearing is a bladed working wheel, a single-stage compression impeller and several multi-stage compression impellers. The working wheel is the core component of the entire equipment. In addition, there are motor drive and cooling, noise reduction and other systems.

The bearing temperature is too high. The oil-lubricated sliding bearings of large centrifugal compressor bearings use alloy as bushings. Due to insufficient oil supply, high oil supply temperature, too small clearance between the bushing and journal, or too shallow bushing oil storage groove, the bearing temperature rises. Increase friction and generate heat.


The bearing installation does not meet the requirements. For example, the bearing seat of the thrust bearing is skewed, which will cause uneven load of the thrust bearing pads, and the temperature of the loaded pads will increase, which will greatly reduce the bearing capacity of the bearing, which is likely to cause the thrust bearing damage. The radial or thrust bearing clearance of the high-pressure vulcanization fan is too small, which is not conducive to the normal formation of the lubricating oil film. At the same time, the lubricating oil discharge is not sufficient, and the heat generated by friction cannot be taken away in time, causing the temperature of the bearing to rise. Therefore, when installing the bearings, you must be careful to make the requirements meet the technical standards.


Excessive bearing vibration. Long-term operation of the unit will cause excessive bearing vibration. The possible reasons are as follows: First, the original alignment accuracy will change; second, the rotor's dynamic balance accuracy will be damaged by the adhesion or wear of the impeller; third, due to wear, the gap between the journal and the bearing bush is too large or not Uniform; fourth, the oil temperature is too low, the viscosity is too large; fifth, the negative impact. Frequent load changes may enter a surging state; sixth, gear wear or damage leads to poor meshing; seventh, water or dust accumulation in the steel cylinder, and loose anchor bolts, etc., need to be carefully searched and coordinated.

The normal operation of turbine fan bearings not only depends on the bearing structure itself, the quality of manufacturing, installation, and maintenance, but also on the changes in compressor operating conditions and the operating conditions of the oil supply system.



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