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What are the uses of high-pressure centrifugal fans?


The relationship between fan and fan: fan is the abbreviation of our country’s habit of gas compression and gas transportation machinery. Generally speaking, fans include fans, blowers, compressors and Roots blowers, but do not include piston compressors and isometric blowers. Compression machine. Ventilator is a product type of fan, but people generally call ventilator barrel as fan, which means that ventilator is another name for fan.

High-pressure centrifugal fans are widely used in building materials, metallurgy and other occupations. They are characterized by small air volume and high wind pressure. They are generally used for high-pressure forced ventilation in spraying, electroplating, radio, storage batteries, glass manufacturing and other occupations. They can also be widely used for transportation. Materials, transport gas.


High-pressure centrifugal fans must also pass strict tests before they leave the factory, including aerodynamic performance, to ensure that the aerodynamic performance of each fan meets the planning standards. In short, in actual production, materials should be selected accurately with high standards and requirements, and carefully planned and manufactured, so that the fan can have sufficient rigidity and good reliability. Turbine fan This is because only by using reasonable aerodynamic planning indicators can the high-pressure and small-flow centrifugal fan equipment maintain high static pressure efficiency and good operating efficiency during operation, and maintain low noise. This type of fan can be used for dust removal, chemicals, fertilizers, cement building materials, drying, waste incinerators, desulfurization, smelting, data transportation, gas circulation in technological processes, etc.


Under normal circumstances, the working temperature of the medium in the working environment of the equipment location shall not exceed 280℃. If it is higher than 280°C, other planning and manufacturing are required. For example, if high-pressure vulcanization fans are used in high temperature conditions, when manufacturing high-pressure and small-flow centrifugal fans, not only heat-resistant materials must be used, but the housing of high-pressure centrifugal fans should be center-supported to eliminate the effect of thermal expansion.



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