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What are the advantages and disadvantages of centrifugal compressors?


The centrifugal compressor can obtain such a wide range of applications, mainly because of the following advantages.

The centrifugal compressor is compact in structure, small in size, light in weight, large in gas delivery, less investment in equipment, simple in operation and easy to maintain; uniform air supply, convenient adjustment, automation, easy to automate operation; centrifugal compressor is a kind of rotary motion It is suitable for direct drive of industrial steam turbine or gas turbine. For general large-scale chemical plants, by-product steam is often used to drive industrial steam turbines, which provides the possibility for comprehensive utilization of thermal energy.

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There are few wearing parts, stable and reliable operation, long-term continuous operation, simple and convenient maintenance; high operation rate, less friction parts, because of the small amount of spare parts required, maintenance costs and fewer personnel.

In the chemical process, the centrifugal compressor can achieve an oil-free compression process for the chemical medium. The centrifugal compressor of the turbine fan has good sealing performance, the conveyed gas is not subject to secondary pollution such as oil pollution, and the conveyed gas is of good clean quality.



Centrifugal compressors are not suitable for occasions where the air volume is too small and the pressure ratio is too high. The stable working condition area of centrifugal compressor is narrow, and its air volume adjustment is more convenient, but the economy is poor. High-pressure centrifugal blower centrifugal compressor is more suitable for large occasions, otherwise the mechanical efficiency will be reduced. If the load is not full, more gas will be required to recirculate in order to prevent surge, which not only saves power consumption, but also reduces heat recovery and energy budget unbalanced. Due to the flow loss of high-speed airflow, the efficiency of centrifugal compression is lower than that of reciprocating; the requirements for the compression medium are high; the running speed of centrifugal compressors is high, except for the quality of mechanical installation, the compressed gas in daily operation cannot contain much dust , Liquid droplets or corrosive components can easily cause equipment failures and shorten equipment service life.



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