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Common problems with centrifugal compressor coolers?


The cooling effect of the centrifugal compressor cooler is not good. The compressor reduces the temperature of the compressed air by circulating water into the coolers of each stage and exchanges heat with the high-temperature air in the air chamber, thereby reducing power and improving efficiency. The reasons why the high-pressure centrifugal blower affects the cooling effect are: 1. The water is insufficient or the water temperature is too high, which is not enough to take away the air heat in the air chamber. Second, the quality of the circulating water is very hard, which will scale the inner surface of the pipe, and water dirt will also block the filter element of the pipe by sediment and oil, which will affect the heat transfer conditions and cooling effect.


What is the role of the centrifugal compressor cooler? One for the air cooler: reduce the temperature of the compressed air at the outlet of each section to meet the temperature requirements of the intake air in the next section and the requirements of users. 2. For the oil cooler, reduce the oil temperature to within the specified range to meet the oil temperature requirements of each bearing gear of the centrifugal air compressor.

The centrifugal compressor oil pressure drops suddenly. When the oil pump suddenly fails or the oil guide pipe fails, the oil pressure will drop suddenly. Check the cause of the oil pump failure in time, and solve the problem after removing or replacing the new oil pipe.


Centrifugal compressor is a high-speed equipment. It is necessary to ensure that the oil circuit is unblocked and the oil temperature is normal so that the bearings and gears are in a good lubrication state. The oil temperature of the oil supply system should be controlled at 40-45°C. If the oil temperature is too low, the transmission part is not fully lubricated, friction will increase, and equipment will be damaged. Therefore, before starting the compressor after 8 hours of shutdown, the compressor must be heated to an oil temperature higher than 30°C. If the temperature is higher than 49°C, the quality of the oil may decrease, the lubrication effect will not be achieved, and the wear of the equipment will increase. Therefore, when using the compressor, pay special attention to the oil supply temperature, pay attention to the influence of temperature changes on the oil temperature, and promptly heat or cool. Always check the oil supply pipeline and pump, clean the oil filter, and troubleshoot immediately.



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