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What is a centrifugal compressor?


Centrifugal compressor is a type of compressor. The structure and operation principle are similar to the centrifugal blower, but it is always multi-stage, which can make the gas obtain higher pressure, larger processing capacity and higher efficiency. A turbocompressor with an exhaust pressure higher than 0.015 MPa and the gas mainly flows in the radial direction. The exhaust pressure is lower than 0.2 MPa, generally called centrifugal blower. Centrifugal compressors are widely used in various technological processes to transport air, various process gases or mixed gases and increase their pressure.


In a centrifugal compressor, the centrifugal force effect given to the gas by the high-speed rotating impeller and the diffuser effect given to the gas in the diffuser channel, so that the gas pressure is improved. In the early stage, because this kind of compressor is only suitable for low, medium pressure and large flow occasions, it is not noticed by people. Because of the development of the chemical industry and the establishment of various large-scale chemical plants and oil refineries, centrifugal compressors have become the key machinery for compressing and transporting various gases in chemical production, and occupy an extremely important position.

With the achievements of aerodynamics research, the power of centrifugal compressors has been continuously improved. Because of the high-pressure sealing, the processing of small flow and narrow impellers, and the successful development of multi-oil wedge bearings, the development of the centrifugal compressors to high pressure and wide flow A series of problems in scale development have greatly expanded the scale of use of centrifugal compressors, so that reciprocating compressors can be replaced in many occasions, and high-pressure vulcanization fans have greatly expanded the scale of use.


Some basic chemical materials, such as propylene, ethylene, butadiene, benzene, etc., can be processed into important chemical products such as plastics, fibers, and rubber. In petrochemical plants that produce this kind of basic material, centrifugal compressors also occupy an important position and are one of the key equipment. In addition, high-pressure centrifugal blowers are also extremely critical equipment in other occupations such as petroleum refining and refrigeration.



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