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How to install the high-pressure centrifugal fan?


High-pressure centrifugal fan is a common equipment, how to install it? In order to improve the efficiency of equipment work, in addition to its quality, there are also certain decisive factors for its installation method. The installation of the dust removal fan as a whole unit should be directly placed on the foundation and leveled with pairs of inclined shim irons. It is necessary to use flat washers and spring washers to tighten the screws.

For centrifugal fans assembled on site, the cutting surface on the base should be properly protected, and there should be no rust or manipulation. When the base is placed on the foundation, it should be leveled with a pair of inclined shims. For high-pressure centrifugal blowers, where noise is required, a silencer can be installed to reduce noise (generally, it is about 5dB). The silencer is installed at the end of the air inlet or outlet duct.


When assembling the main shaft and the bearing bush, they should be inspected according to the equipment technical documents. The interference between the bearing cap and the bearing shell should be 0.03~0.04mm (measure the outer diameter of the bearing shell and the inner diameter of the bearing seat).

It is essential to be able to use rubber buffer rubber to bear the weight of high-pressure fans, especially high-power high-pressure fans.


Before the bearing bush is rubbed, the rotor axis line and the casing axis line should be calibrated. At the same time, adjust the gap between the impeller and the air inlet and the gap between the main shaft and the shaft hole on the rear side of the casing to make it comply with the equipment technical documents. Regulations. The inlet and outlet pipes of the high-pressure fan should be connected by hoses to isolate vibration.

The bearing seat and the base should be tightly connected. The longitudinal unlevelness should not exceed 0.2/1000. Use a spirit level to measure on the main shaft, and the lateral unlevelness should not exceed 0.3/1000. Use a spirit level to measure on the horizontal midplane of the bearing seat. When using silencing foam to silence the turbine fan, pay attention to the distance between the high-pressure fan and the cabinet, the ventilation and heat dissipation of the high-pressure fan, and the use of rubber cushioning to bear the weight of the high-pressure fan.



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