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High-speed blower rotor


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This product uses ternary flow impeller blades to make the fan efficiency reach between 82% and 88%. The working principle of the fan is: the prime mover drives the main shaft and the impeller to rotate at a high speed. The airflow enters the high-speed rotating impeller from the air inlet and is accelerated, and then enters the diffuser adjusting device to change the direction of the airflow and decelerate. This deceleration will rotate at high speed The kinetic energy in the airflow is converted into potential energy to keep the pressure at the outlet of the fan stable.

Its overall structure is compact and advanced and reasonable. It makes the product light in weight, low energy consumption, and small footprint.

Designed with a "tailor-made" method, the fan runs in a high-efficiency area, avoiding the limitations of performance that cannot meet the requirements during the operation of the fan. All fans of the same type are now available to meet user requirements.

It also has the following performance:

1. The efficiency is 2%~3% higher than the same type of fan;

2. Good quality and low vibration;

3. There are high-efficiency imported filters;

4. The fan structure is advanced and reasonable, with few wearing parts and convenient installation, operation and maintenance.

Flow rate: 10 m³/min~1000m³/min

Pressure: 50kPa~300kPa

Temperature: 20℃~200℃

Power: 1055KW~2240KW

Efficiency: 82%~88%

Speed: 6000 rpm ~24000rpm


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