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What are the points to pay attention to when choosing a high-pressure centrifugal fan?


According to the different uses and operating conditions of the ventilator, the corrosion of the medium, the temperature of the medium, the dust content of the conveying gas, the explosion-proof performance and the economic efficiency of the selection of materials should be considered when selecting materials. The use of the fan is complicated and the production is simple, so there are many things to consider when selecting the turbine fan, such as air volume, wind pressure, power, altitude, temperature, acid corrosion, explosion-proof, frequency conversion, surge area, generalized power, noise, cost performance, etc. Wait, every point of change must consider whether it will affect the entire system.


In the fan selection function chart, when there are more than two types of high-pressure centrifugal fans available for selection, priority should be given to selecting the higher power and smaller number: the one with larger conditioning scale, of course, should be compared to weigh the pros and cons And decided. The new high-pressure centrifugal fan selected should be considered to make full use of the original equipment, suitable for on-site production devices and safe operation.

Investigate the location of the centrifugal fan in advance, and describe the working environment and application conditions of the centrifugal fan to the manufacturer. The general manufacturer will provide a good deployment plan based on these conditions.


For high-pressure centrifugal fan systems with noise reduction requirements, high-pressure centrifugal fans with high power and low impeller circumferential speed should be selected first, and they should be operated at the power point; should also be adopted according to the propagation mode of noise and vibration generated by the ventilation system Sound muffling and vibration reduction methods.

When selecting high-pressure centrifugal fans, try to avoid using high-pressure centrifugal fans to work in parallel or in series. If the selected high-pressure vulcanization fan has a fan impeller diameter that is much larger than that of the original fan, in order to use the original motor shaft, bearing and support, the motor start time, the strength of the original fan components and the shaft Critical speed, etc. are calculated.



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