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The working principle of the high-pressure centrifugal fan is that when the impeller is rotated by the motor beam shaft, the gas filled with the blades rotates at a high speed under the push of the blades, so that the gas gains a lot of energy, and is thrown to the outer edge of the impeller under the action of inertial centrifugal force. After the pressure energy and kinetic energy of the gas increase, it flows out of the volute casing, and a negative pressure is formed in the middle of the impeller. Under the action of atmospheric pressure, the gas is continuously sucked in to supplement.

The upper drum turbine fan mainly develops, produces and sells various types of high-pressure vulcanized fans, compressors, and axial flow fans with adjustable moving and static blades. Welcome to inquire.

The product has the following performance characteristics:

1. Large air volume, simple and compact structure, light weight, small unit size and small floor space.

2. Balanced operation, reliable operation, high operation rate and few friction parts, so the spare parts need less usage, maintenance cost and personnel usage is less.

3. In the chemical production process, the product can achieve absolutely no oil compression for chemical media.

4. The product is a rotary motion machine, which is suitable for direct drive of industrial steam turbines or gas turbines. In general large-scale chemical plants, by-product steam is often used to drive industrial steam turbines as power, which provides the possibility for comprehensive utilization of heat energy.

Flow rate: 25m³/min~100m³/min

Pressure: 0.2MPa~0.9MPa

Temperature: 20℃

Power: 110KW~1120KW

Efficiency: 83%

Speed: 24000 rpm ~ 72000rpm


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