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What are the classifications of centrifugal compressors?


The increase in air pressure in the centrifugal compressor is achieved by the rotation of the impeller and the expansion of the diffuser. According to the level of exhaust pressure, it can be divided into three categories: centrifugal fan, wind pressure in the range of 10-15kPa or less; centrifugal blower, wind pressure in the range of 15~350kPa; centrifugal compressor, wind pressure in 350kPa the above.

The centrifugal compressor impeller works on the gas to increase the pressure and speed of the gas, and completes the gas transportation. The gas flows through the compressor in the radial direction of the impeller. Also known as turbo fan compressor: mainly used to compress gas, mainly composed of two parts: a rotor and a stator: the rotor includes an impeller and a shaft. The impeller has blades, a balance disc and a part of the shaft seal; the main body of the stator is a cylinder and an expansion Compressor, curve, reflux, vent pipe, exhaust pipe and other devices.


Classified by structure, it can generally be divided into 3 types of high-pressure centrifugal blowers of horizontal split type, cylindrical type and multi-axis type.

1. Multi-shaft centrifugal compressor

It uses a large gear to drive several pinion shafts in a gearbox. One or both ends of each shaft are equipped with a first-stage impeller. The impeller takes in axially and discharges radially. The various impellers are connected by pipes. This kind of structure is simple and small in size, and is suitable for the compression of air, steam or inert gas at medium and low pressure.

2 Horizontally split centrifugal compressor


This type of compressor has a horizontal split surface that divides the cylinder into upper and lower halves, which are connected by bolts at the split surface. This structure is easy to disassemble and assemble, and is suitable for medium and low pressure occasions.

3-cylinder centrifugal compressor

The barrel compressor has an inner and an outer cylinder. The outer cylinder is a barrel with end covers at both ends. The inner cylinder is vertically split, and it is pushed into the outer cylinder after being assembled. The cylinder body of this structure has high strength, good sealing performance, and good rigidity, but it is difficult to install and inconvenient to repair. It is suitable for high pressure or occasions requiring good sealing.



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