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What is the surge of a centrifugal compressor?


A centrifugal compressor is a type of turbine that converts the energy contained in the fluid working medium into mechanical work. The working process of a centrifugal compressor is intake, compression and exhaust.

Surge is a common and special failure of centrifugal air compressors. The reason for the surge of the high-pressure centrifugal blower is that under certain working conditions, when the airflow entering the air compressor cannot make the air compressor produce enough pressure, the check valve at the exhaust end is closed. When air accumulates in the air compressor When the pressure is sufficient, the check valve fluctuates repeatedly, causing the output pressure and the motor load to fluctuate sharply.


Such frequent switching of the check valve will cause the unit to vibrate strongly, accompanied by periodic abnormal roar. Surge can cause great damage to the compressor's sealing system and bearing system. Severe surge of the turbine fan may damage the impeller, damage the gearbox, motor, etc., thereby causing serious damage to the compressor.

Centrifugal compressors sometimes produce strong vibrations during production and operation, and the flow and pressure of the gas medium will also fluctuate greatly, accompanied by periodic "calling" sounds and fluctuations in the airflow in the pipe network. The strong noise of "snoring" and "snoring" is called the surge state of the centrifugal compressor.


Under surge conditions, the compressor cannot run for a long time. Once the compressor enters the surge state, the operator should immediately take adjustment measures to reduce the outlet pressure, or increase the inlet or outlet flow, so that the compressor can quickly escape from the surge zone. Realize the stable operation of the compressor. What is the reason why the compressor is running below the upper limit of surge? The outlet back pressure is too high; the inlet pipeline valve is throttled; the outlet pipeline valve is throttled; the anti-surge valve is defective or adjusted incorrectly.



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