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What are the precautions for using centrifugal compressors?


Some customers do not pay attention to the use of centrifugal fan equipment during installation and use. The centrifugal fan must be rotated in the direction indicated by the arrow. If there is a wrong rotation direction, it will affect the exhaust air of the centrifugal fan.

The installation and use platform of the centrifugal fan should be higher than the ground and the surrounding environment should be ventilated, dry and clean. If it is lower than the ground, the high-pressure centrifugal blower equipment will inhale exhaust dust and the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan will also be reduced.


Before starting, first make the following preparations: check whether the unit has the starting conditions (including checking the reason for the last shutdown and the overhaul; check whether there are obstacles around the unit; whether the starting tools, hearing needles, record sheets, etc. are ready ); Check whether the motor, electrical, instrument, and light signals are normal, especially whether the accident interlock system can operate correctly (including water cut, low oil pressure, axial displacement, etc.).

The switch of the equipment should be around the centrifugal fan equipment. During use, if some abnormal phenomena occur, the power can be cut off for inspection in time. Under normal circumstances, when a centrifugal fan is used for trial operation, two staff members are required, one is responsible for switch control, and the other is responsible for observing the operation of the equipment. If there is a problem, the power can be cut off in time.


After start-up: Whether there is any abnormal sound in each part of the unit, and whether the vibration exceeds the allowable value; check the oil temperature rising speed of each bearing. If the bearing temperature rises too fast for the high-pressure vulcanizing fan, it should stop immediately when it approaches the high allowable value. After the expander is started, closely observe the changes in compressor discharge pressure and inlet flow to prevent surge.

Lubricating oil should be replaced regularly for centrifugal fan equipment. The addition of fan lubricating oil can reduce the friction loss between parts and improve work efficiency. If the lubricating oil is insufficient, it needs to be added in time.



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Shanggu Turbomachinery (Qidong) Co., Ltd.

Phone: 0086-513-80797666


Fax: 0086-513-80673989


Address: No. 26, Jiangfeng Road, Binhai Industrial Park, Qidong City, Jiangsu Province

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