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What are the differences between high-pressure centrifugal blowers and induced draft fans?


In addition to centrifugal fans, there are other types of centrifugal fans, such as centrifugal induced draft fans. Centrifugal blowers are machines that rely on input mechanical energy to increase gas pressure and discharge gas. It is a driven fluid machine.

Centrifugal induced draft fan and centrifugal blower, although these are two common and commonly used fans, they are obviously different. The high-pressure centrifugal blower is first installed at the installation position. The two are different. The former is installed at the end of the system, and the rear It is installed at the front end of the system. Secondly, in terms of performance and application range, these two are also different and there are differences.


If you want to increase the negative pressure at the inlet of the centrifugal induced draft fan, then you can appropriately increase the fan frequency or reduce the pipe resistance. These two measures can be used to achieve the goal.

The main products of domestic centrifugal fan manufacturers include large-scale industrial blowers, ventilators, gas blowers, coke oven blowers, multi-stage high-pressure centrifugal blowers, single-stage high-speed centrifugal blowers, and more than 50 series, and more than four hundred specifications of energy-saving centrifugal fan products. It is widely used in steel smelting, thermal power generation, new dry process cement, petrochemical industry, sewage treatment, waste heat recovery, gas recovery and nuclear power.


The centrifugal fan is based on the principle of converting kinetic energy into potential energy. The working principle of the centrifugal fan is basically the same as that of the turbo compressor. It is because the gas flow rate is low and the pressure changes little. Generally, there is no need to consider the change of gas specific volume. Treated as an incompressible fluid. Turbine fan centrifugal fan can be made into two types of right-handed and left-handed. Viewed from the side of the motor: the impeller rotates clockwise, which is called a right rotating fan; the impeller rotates counterclockwise, which is called a left rotating fan.



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