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Turbine Vacuum Pump


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With the continuous adjustment of the industrial structure of my country's production and manufacturing industry, in order to meet the needs of my country's industrial/manufacturing production, our company has launched SG single-stage and SGTP multi-stage turbo vacuum pumps. It is used in the paper industry such as paper machine, pulp machine, toilet paper machine and cardboard machine.

This product is produced on the basis of our original turbine technology level. Advanced technology and reliable quality. High stability and reliability.

1. The product adopts the overall skid-mounted structure design, which is convenient for transportation, hoisting and installation.

2. It has the advantages of intelligent operation, integrated design, compact structure and high reliability.

3. Low vibration, low noise, low energy consumption and low investment cost.

Flow rate: 10m³/min~1200 m³/min

Vacuum degree: -20~-80kPa

Temperature: 20℃~200℃

Power: 15KW~1000KW

Efficiency: 78%~85%

Speed: 2980 rpm ~ 24000rpm


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