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Why does the high-pressure centrifugal blower make noise?


Regarding high-pressure centrifugal ventilators, everyone is more concerned about noise issues, which will affect the lives and working environment of people around them. During the work of high-pressure centrifugal ventilators, tests such as noise detection are required. In the application of the turbine fan to the fan, it is probably also the interval between the fan to detect the noise. In addition, the size of the fan room and the surrounding environment also have a great influence on the noise test.

When selecting a centrifugal high-pressure centrifugal fan, when the motor power is less than or equal to 75KW, it is not necessary to install a valve for starting only. When selecting a centrifugal boiler induced draft fan for discharging high-temperature flue gas or air, a valve for starting should be installed to prevent overload during cold working.


When installing the installation, first check whether the components are connected firmly, whether the rolling is normal, etc., and check whether there is any debris in the casing. After the installation of the high-pressure vulcanization fan, check whether there is any installation thing left in the fan, otherwise it will Affect the normal operation of the fan, and also pose a threat to the performance of the fan.


Detect in an open place. At this time, the centrifugal fan should be tested within 20 meters, and there should be no buildings or obstructions that generate echo. The fan is equipped with shock-absorbing parts and no load detection, and the noise is reduced to the standard. At this time, the measurement test value is also greatly affected by the environment. The vibration reduction methods of high-pressure centrifugal fans and motors generally can be based on vibration reduction, such as spring shock absorbers or rubber shock absorbers.

After the device is finished, the test work can only be carried out after all parts are normal. During the test work, the current must be strictly controlled and cannot be higher than the rated value. In order to prevent the motor from being burned due to overload, it must be carried out without load when the fan is started and tested.



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