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What is the conveying distance of the high-pressure centrifugal fan?


Centrifugal fans include centrifugal blowers, centrifugal induced fans, centrifugal high-pressure fans and so on. There is no difference in structure between Leitz centrifugal fan and Leitz blower. Only the conveying medium is different.

The air outlet direction of the centrifugal fan is the tangential direction of the impeller, and the air outlet direction of the axial flow fan is the axial direction of the impeller. High-pressure vulcanizing fans usually generate wind through the rotation of the fan blades for ventilation or finishing. Blower: Roots blower and centrifugal blower are more common.


Centrifugal fans are classified according to operating principles. Centrifugal fans can be divided into many categories according to different elements, according to pressure differences (can be divided into high-pressure centrifugal fans, medium-pressure centrifugal fans, and low-pressure centrifugal fans), and according to operating environment differences (for example, Dust fans should be selected for dusty environments), according to the differences in the physical and chemical properties of the transported gases; according to the differences in the temperature of the transported gases; according to the difference in noise reduction (the centrifugal fan with high efficiency and low speed should be selected and corresponding Different types of centrifuges can be selected for factors such as vibration reduction and noise reduction methods, so different types of centrifugal fans should be selected according to different uses.


The air inlet is made into a convergent streamlined overall structure and fixed on the front cover plate group with screws. The high-pressure centrifugal fan is composed of bearing tube and bearing device. The main shaft is made of high-quality steel. The whole structure of the bearing box uses rolling bearings. Lubricate with bearing grease. The casing of the turbine fan is welded into the whole volute with general steel plate. The high-pressure centrifugal fan has 12 blades for the 9-19 type fan and 16 blades for the 9-26 type fan. All belong to the forward zigzag leaf type. The peripheral speed of the outer edge of the impeller diffuser does not exceed 140m/s. After the impeller is formed, the static and dynamic balance are corrected, so it runs smoothly.



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