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What are the factors that affect the displacement of a centrifugal compressor?


There are many factors that affect the displacement of a centrifugal compressor. In addition to design, manufacturing, and installation, the main factors that can affect the displacement during compressor operation are:

Poor sealing, causing gas leakage. Including: internal leakage, that is, inter-stage blow-by. Rewind the compressed gas and perform the second compression. It will affect the working conditions of all levels, increase the pressure ratio of the low pressure stage and decrease the pressure ratio of the high pressure stage, which will cause the entire compressor to deviate from the design working condition and decrease the displacement; external leakage, that is, leakage from the shaft end seal to the casing gas. Although the suction volume remains the same, some of the compressed gas leaks, which naturally causes the exhaust volume to decrease.


The frequency or voltage drop of the power grid causes the speed of the motor and compressor to drop, and the exhaust volume decreases.

The pipeline of the air separation equipment is blocked, the resistance increases or the valve fails, causing the suction pressure of the compressor to rise. When the suction pressure remains unchanged, the pressure ratio increases, resulting in a decrease in the exhaust volume.

The increase of the suction temperature of any stage of the turbine fan and the decrease of the gas density will also cause the decrease of the suction volume.

The air filter is blocked or the resistance increases, causing the suction pressure of the compressor to decrease. When the outlet pressure is constant, the compressor pressure ratio is increased. According to the compressor performance curve, when the pressure ratio increases, the displacement decreases.


The cooler leaks. The compressor intercooler is blocked or the resistance increases, causing the exhaust volume to decrease. If the air-side resistance of the cooler increases, only the internal resistance of the machine will be increased, which will reduce the compressor efficiency and reduce the displacement; if the water-side resistance increases, the circulating cooling water will decrease, which will make the gas cooling poorly, thus affecting the next stage Inhale, reduce the compressor displacement.

The centrifugal compressor of the high-pressure vulcanization fan has the following advantages: compact structure, small size, light weight; continuous and uniform exhaust, no intermediate tank and other devices; low vibration, few vulnerable parts, and no need for bulky and heavy basic parts Except for the bearings, the machine does not need lubrication, saves oil, and does not pollute the compressed gas; the speed is high; the maintenance amount is small, and the adjustment is convenient.



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