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What is the appropriate temperature for centrifugal compressor bearings?


The operating temperature of centrifugal compressor bearings is generally 45~50℃, and the temperature should not exceed 65℃. Generally, 65℃ is the alarm temperature, and 75℃ is the interlocking shutdown temperature.

When the unit has the following situations and the measures are invalid, the unit should stop for inspection immediately, and find out the cause of the fault and eliminate it. The temperature of any bearing of the high-pressure centrifugal blower is too high, and even smoke. The bearing return oil temperature rises sharply over temperature. The lubricating oil pressure drops to the lower limit.

Always pay attention to the liquid level of the fuel tank, and it should not be lower than the specified liquid level line, otherwise the cause should be found and eliminated as soon as possible. Check the quality of lubricating oil regularly. If any problems are found, measures should be taken immediately or replaced with new oil.


The reasons for the excessively high bearing temperature are: The gap between the bearing bush and the journal is too small, so scraping should be carried out to adjust the gap; the oil inlet temperature is too high. The amount of cooling water in the oil cooler should be adjusted; the oil is mixed with water, dirty, or deteriorated, which affects the lubrication effect. The oil cooler should be checked to eliminate water leakage or replace with new oil; dirt enters the bearing and wears the bearing bush. Turbine fans should clean the bearings and lubricating oil pipelines, and scrape the bushings; The aperture of the throttle ring at the inlet of the bearing lubricating oil is small and the oil intake is insufficient, so the aperture of the throttle ring should be appropriately enlarged.

Always pay attention to and regularly listen to the inside of each body during operation. If you find that there is a grinding noise or increased vibration, you should immediately take measures to troubleshoot or stop for inspection, find out the cause of the failure and eliminate it.


Before installation and use, the centrifugal fan must be inspected to ensure that the centrifugal fan rotates in the correct direction; when transporting gas, the pipeline must ensure good sealing, and there should be no leakage or leakage in the middle. The equipment leakage will reduce the working efficiency of the centrifugal fan. , Resulting in the loss of power resources.



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