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What is the motor power of the high-pressure vulcanizing fan?


In a centrifugal fan, the correct understanding of its motor power is: under certain working conditions, on the centrifugal fan and the air box, the power required when the air inlet is fully opened. However, if the fan is operated when the air inlet is fully opened, the motor may be damaged. Therefore, the valve on the pipeline should be closed first, and then gradually opened until it reaches the required working condition position, rather than all at once turn on.


The flow of the fan is mainly adjusted by regulating valves or saving baffles. The saving of the fan is large, and even more than 50% can be saved at low load. Because of the loss of saving and the operation against the high efficiency zone, the energy waste is very serious. For high-pressure vulcanization fans, if the speed of the fan is adjusted, it can not only cancel the loss of savings, but also ensure that the fan is always running in the high-efficiency area, so it can greatly save power. It can be said that adjusting the speed of the fan to run the fan is a useful energy-saving way.

The centrifugal fan is a complex equipment, mainly composed of air inlet, air valve, impeller, motor, and air outlet. Centrifugal fan, which can be started at full pressure or reduced pressure. However, when the centrifugal fan is started at full pressure, the starting current should be 5 to 7 times the rated current; when the centrifugal fan is started, the step-down starting torque and the square of the voltage should be proportionally related.


The test run of a centrifugal fan is required in terms of the number of people. Generally speaking, no less than two people are required. One person controls the power supply and the other person observes whether the fan is operating normally. If an abnormality or problem occurs, it should be shut down immediately for inspection. Postpone, avoid damaging the fan or even cause serious consequences.

In the test run, the turbine fan should be started at a low speed first, and then check whether its rotation direction is correct. If you want to start at a high speed, it can be done after the fan is stationary.

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