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Gas blower


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The gas blowers produced by our company are mainly used in the transportation and pressurization of gas. It has a wide range of technical parameters, and the range of flow, pressure, and temperature parameters are at a relatively high level, which can cover the entire range of industrial gas fans.

This product has multiple types such as single-stage, multi-stage, speed increase, etc. It is an industrial blower manufactured with multiple types and multiple structures. This type of gas blower is currently widely used in industries such as coke oven gas, converter gas, and calcium carbide flue gas.

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1. This product is the introduction of foreign fan design technology, combined with the improvement of my country's existing product production conditions, and comprehensive considerations that are suitable for the gas fan manufacturing technology required by my country's industrial production industry.

2. It has the ability to output high-pressure gas, and the power transmission efficiency is high. The power of the motor directly acts on the impeller and the main shaft through the transmission part. Low energy consumption during the transfer process.

3. This product has undergone multiple performance tests and passed high-standard static and dynamic balance correction to ensure stable operation of the fan.

Flow rate: 15m³/min~3500m³/min

Pressure: 10kPa~250kPa

Temperature: 20℃~400℃

Power: 55KW~2800KW

Efficiency: 75%~88%

Speed: 1480 rpm ~15000rpm


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