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Multi-stage fan


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Multi-stage blower is a special blower that uses gas as a medium to transfer mechanical energy to the gas and increase the pressure of the gas to squeeze the gas into a certain device.

The fan rotates at a high speed through the rotor, drives the impeller to rotate, and then drives the air to move at a high speed. Among them, the centrifugal force generated by the impeller provides the required kinetic energy for the movement of the air in the casing, and inputs the air into the required system.

Its structure mainly includes single-stage centrifugal fans, multi-stage centrifugal fans, etc., suitable for chemical production, boiler air supply in thermal power plants, and mine ventilation.

Safe operation and long service life are the major operating characteristics of this product.

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In the multi-stage centrifugal fan, the fan volume is small, and the gas is pressurized in a single stage or multiple stages to achieve the required pressure. In this way, the quality and efficiency requirements of the products required by customers can be effectively achieved.

1. The blower impeller runs in the machine body without friction and does not need lubrication, so that the discharged gas is oil-free. It is an ideal gas source for chemical, food and other industries.

2. The blower is a volume operation blower. When in use, the flow rate changes very little as the pressure changes. But the flow varies with the speed. Therefore, the pressure range is very wide, and the flow rate can be selected by selecting the speed to meet the needs.

3. The speed of the blower is high, and the gap between the rotor and the rotor, the rotor and the body is small, so there is less leakage and higher volumetric efficiency.

4. The structure of the blower determines that its mechanical friction loss is very small.

5. The rotor of the blower has been checked for static and dynamic balance. The finished product runs smoothly with minimal vibration.

Flow rate: 15m³/min~18000m³/min

Pressure: 5000Pa~150kPa

Temperature: -20℃~900℃

Power: 15KW~3500KW

Efficiency: 75%~89%

Speed: 1480 rpm ~2980rpm


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